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The Kirkbooth Setup Space

A 10x10 foot floor area would work perfect for us. And our backdrop stand up 8ft tall. It takes us 20-35 minutes to setup. To confirm that our setup will work with your event you can send us pictures or a layout to our email address ( ) or you can call or text us info to your local city number at the top of the page.

312214465_555045076622466_6425846474536939815_n (1).jpg
312214465_555045076622466_6425846474536939815_n (1).jpg

A floor space measuring 10 feet by 10 feet would be ideal for our needs. However, we can accommodate smaller spaces if necessary; please reach out to us for further details.

Our setup requires just one standard wall outlet.

Additionally, we have one visible cable securely taped down for convenience.

Backdrops are 8ft tall
You can use your own backdrop if preferred
Power can be extended up to 50ft
Digital-only packages offer up to 6 hours of runtime on a battery generator

*Click here to view stock backdrops we can provide*

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