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  • Will there be a attendant?
    Yes a attendant is provide at all rentals your entire rental time.
  • How do I book a photobooth rental?
    To book a photobooth rental click on " Photo Booth Order Form " link at the top menu bar of this page. Here is a direct link | Here is a YouTube as well explaining how to book below |
  • How long does it take to setup?
    It takes us to setup the photobooth in 20-35 minutes after finding the setup location.
  • How do we get our online photos?
    We will email you a copy of all photos as a dropbox link for you to download.
  • How much space do we take up?
    A 10 by 10 ft floor area would be perfect for us if possible but we can fit in smaller setups, if you can send us pictures of the area you are thinking or a layout to | or text them to your local near by city number. We can let you know if the area can work for your event.
  • Is there travel cost?
    Yes we do charge for travel if your event is 30 miles away from Arlington, Texas 76011 and same applies to down town San Antonio, Texas 78204 If your event is pass 30 miles we charge .55 a mile.
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