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  • Will there be a attendant?
    Yes, we typically provide an attendant for the entire duration of your rental. However, we also offer digital-only packages without an attendant. For these packages, we provide on-site training, which takes just 5 minutes, so you can easily operate the photo booth yourself.
  • How do I book a photobooth rental?
    To book a photo booth rental, click on the "Photo Booth Order Form" link in the top menu bar of this page. You can also use this direct link: Additionally, here is a YouTube video explaining the booking process:
  • How long does it take to setup?
    It takes us 20 to 35 minutes to set up the photobooth after we find the setup location.
  • How do we get our online photos?
    We will email you a link to download all the photos instantly usually after the event or by the next day.
  • How much space do we take up?
    Ideally, a 10 by 10 ft floor area would be perfect for our setup, but we can accommodate smaller spaces if needed. Please send pictures or a layout of the area you're considering to or text them to your local city number. We'll review the information and let you know if the space will work for your event.
  • Is there travel cost?
    Yes, we do charge for travel if your event is located more than 50 miles away from Downtown Fort Worth, TX. Please contact customer support to inquire about the travel cost, which typically ranges from 35 cents to 55 cents per mile.
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